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October 24, 2009


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Gay people can finally get married in church!

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 24, 2009, 3:53 AM
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Gay people can finally get married in church!
Yesterday was a celebratory day for all of us who support equality and liberty! For all of us who believe in all people's rights to live, chose and direct their lives as long as they don't harm others. Because then the Lutheran Church of Sweden's Superior Council voted to accept same gender marriage within the church. Finally, after all this discussion have been going on for years and years. (State marriages of same gender people were allowed here as late as last year.) This makes the Church of Sweden a pioneer among Christian churches around the world, a torch carrier towards a more respectful and equal world.

So already this weekend a same gender couple may enter a church and marry. And I really hope other religious organizations will be ready to follow. I know that the debate goes on among the Catholics and Muslems here in Sweden but I don't expect anything to happen soon, because there's a wide, bottomless pit between the two standpoints today. But we are moving in the right direction. And a lesbian, Christian couple I know can finally marry. Thus they will now leave the Catholic Church to become Lutherans. :nod:    

I can only congratulate the Church for a wise and modern decision. Seems like we are finally and for real moving into the 21:th century! And congratulations as well to all the rainbow people out there!   

The mad bus driver
A week ago on my way home from work I got a quite scary experience. My regular way home is to take a bus to the nearest subway station. That bus rides a bit on one really big highway - six lanes in each direction at the busiest parts - Uppsalavägen for those familiar with the Stockholm area. And then it leaves that highway through a four clover intersection and down to another highway - Bergshamraleden to eventually reach Bergshamra Centrum and the subway station.

It's usually a painless and convenient ride, takes about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic situation. That day proved differently. The driver misses his exit and instead of going ahead to the next exit to turn around the man starts to reverse on the highway! And I was like :omfg: :jawdrop: there were cars coming at us from behind, driving 90 kilometres (55 miles) an hour. I looked at the lady in the seat next to me and we were both like "What the ¤%&§ is he doing????!!!??" I mean if anyone had smashed into the reversed bus we'd have quite an accident. And I was sitting in the second row from behind. Let's just say that I had my heart in my nostrils at the time, fearing a crash any minute.

People were yelling at the driver but he refused to listen, was just saying that the time table didn't allow him to go to the next exit. And I was like "screw the time table, I don't have an appointment with Peter at the gate of heaven. At least not today I hoped!"

But after reversing for not more than 40 scary metres we were at the exit again and the driver could turn down and reach the crossing highway. There were some blown horns and nasty words being said and someone was talking about reporting the man. But I was quickly off at the station connecting to the subway.  And it wasn't until I was on the train I really freaked. What if we had been hit by a truck doing 90! I rather not think about it...

But already the next day I wrote a angry mail to the bus company complaining about the incident. I have yet to recieve a reply, which I think sucks!

The feature
Auroras Repose by ToolKittenNYC MECH 3_cover by EricCaneteHolding hands by LuddoxSynthetic System by priteeboy02. Camp Ellenia by theLovasAwiergan Nova by alexiussThe Great Ten Issue 3 by ArtgermStarfire - color by CandraRainbow Wizard by qianyuwitchblade haloween variant by nebezialHigh Five Atlantis by inObrASDecay Of Beauty by Morphine-CloudAgen Of The Swarm by hicky260555 by kubickiWatching over... - close up by Vyrhelle-VyrLpato and patitos by Thiefoworld:thumb96105528:Steampunk Sorceress by patriciabrennanBeside you by FerelwingLove in the future by silverexpressDisparate Kiss III by LuisaPreisslerRelativitas by JoeyJazzUnformed by GrandPa-:thumb60300465:--Green Halo-- by wyv1:thumb139544310:Elf by ValentinaKalliasSamurai by barbranzSecret Six 15 - Deadshot - by DanLuVisiArtThou shalt not kill by Vilk42:thumb140608479:Muse by Lyndseyhglass wc by aspa1984Portrait of a dog by iliasPatlisPink Heroine by AlyzGothic Barock by JenHell66The outlook by AlienetteAirbrushed Art by viamarieDawn. by watergal28Calm by TearsOfEterinty

But it's butts!!!
Time Out by cable9tubaSkin on Skin by vishstudio

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